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RMTEC RMTLC & IHS Co-Host Workshop for MSPI DVPI Grantees

October 10, 2018

On October 4-5, RMTEC, RMTLC, and IHS kicked off a new grant year with a co-hosted a workshop that was attended by 17 grantee staff. These staff represented 7 of the 9 tribes in Montana and Wyoming and 12 of the 14 funded projects in the Billings Area.

The MSPI and DVPI projects are IHS-funded and provide community-based programming in four general areas: domestic violence advocacy, methamphetamine and general substance use prevention and treatment, suicide prevention, and Generation-Indigenous (Gen-I) initiatives that focus on youth empowerment. RMTEC and IHS work closely throughout the grant year to support all of the grant project staff with programming and evaluation support.

Over the two days that grantee staff were together they shared tips and stories of their programs, learned more about program evaluation, developed social media plans, and even successfully escaped from a locked room using clues and team work!

For more information about how RMTEC supports the MSPI and DVPI programs, contact Anna Schmitt at anna.schmitt@rmtlc.org.

Left to right: Elk Sage (N Arapaho MSPI), Willie Stevens (CSKT Gen-I), Janice Meyers (Rocky Boy’s Gen-I), Janelle Timber-Jones (N Cheyenne Gen-I), Courage Crawford (Fort Peck Gen-I), Bertie Brown (N Cheyenne Gen-I), Rose DeBerry (Rocky Boy’s DVPI), Jennifer Shane (Crow MSPI), Carl Lambert (Fort Peck Gen-I), Tanya Schmockel (Rocky Boy’s DVPI), Carrie Manning (Fort Peck Gen-I), Joeseph LaFromboise (Rocky Boy’s Gen-I), Shannon Bradley (Crow MSPI & Gen-I), Scott Zander (IHS Area Project Officer), Bruce Meyers (Rocky Boy’s MSPI), Kirsten Krane (RMTEC Evaluation Support), Rosemary Cree Medicine (Blackfeet MSPI & DVPI) Grantees sharing stories, tips, and a lot of fun! Grantees creating a mock social media post using some of the new skills they learned in the session. Rose DeBerry, Rocky Boy’s DVPI Program Coordinator enjoying a quick workshop break.


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