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Congress Reaches Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

February 15, 2019

Congress Reaches Deal to Avert Government Shutdown

 Passage Expected Today

February 14, 2019

Congressional leaders have submitted legislation that would end the funding impasse over border security by providing $1.375 billion for physical barriers on the U.S.-Mexico Border. The 1,100-page legislation also contains funding for 9 other federal departments and dozens federal agencies – including the Indian Health Service (IHS) – through September 30, 2019.

In the bill, the Indian Health Service would receive $5.8 billion in FY 2019. In FY 2019 IHS will receive $4.1 billion for services and $878.8 million for facilities, as well as full funding of Contract Support Costs. This includes a $102 million increase in Hospitals and Clinics, a $9 million increase in dental services, and a $17 million increase in Alcohol and Substance Abuse. Importantly, Community Health Representatives are funded at the FY 2018 level and there is a small increase for Health Education. The President zeroed out both of these programs in the FY 2019 Budget Request to Congress.

You can read the full explanatory statement on the Conference Report here. (IHS starts on page 359)

You can read the legislative text here.

Click here to view a chart of IHS FY 2019 Spending as outlined in the agreement.

President Trump has not said publicly if he will sign the legislation into law.

If you have any questions, please contact NIHB’s Director of Congressional Relations, Caitrin Shuy, at cshuy@nihb.org.

Last modified: February 15, 2019