Data and Technical Assistance

The Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council, Epidemiology Center (RMTEC), in its mission to empower the American Indians of Montana and Wyoming in the development of services, systems, and epidemiologic capacities to address their public health concerns, will provide the following technical assistance services:

  • Assist Tribes with the gathering of deidentified summary statistics for the purposes of monitoring health status, as well as grant and report writing;
  • Coordinate data-related activities between RMTEC and external entities;
  • Develop and disseminate statistical summaries of tribal health status priorities;
  • Offer training to tribal health programs on use of tools for working with the data;
  • Provide statistical consultation to tribal health programs;
  • Assist with project evaluation;
  • Review public health products, protocols, and documents; and
  • Connect tribal health programs with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)

‘Technical assistance’ (TA) encompasses a professional relationship between RMTEC and the individual/program/organization requesting the assistance in which RMTEC will work to understand and respond to the needs of those making the request. Technical assistance will necessarily involve a commitment on the part of both RMTEC staff (most frequently in terms of time) and the individual/program/organization making the request.

Forms To Be Filled Out

Data and TA Requests

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