2929 3rd Ave N, Ste 300, Billings, MT 59101 - (406) 252-2550



To preserve our homelands, defend rights of the Indian Treaties with the United States, speak in a unified voice, offer support to our people, offer a forum in which to consult each other and enlighten each other about our peoples, and to otherwise promote the common welfare of all of the Indian Peoples of Montana, Wyoming and Idaho.

Our Focus Areas:

  • Strengthening Tribal Governments, Systems & Leadership
  • Promoting Healthy Tribal Communities, Families and Children
  • Protecting Our Children & Families, Strengthening Social Services
  • Conducting Epidemiological Research to Support Health Policy
  • Advocating for Justice and Equality, Protecting our Tribal Sovereignty
  • Supporting Leadership Training
  • Maintaining Professionalism and Accountability


  • Tribal Contracts
  • Coalition Building
  • Policy
  • Advocacy
  • Public Relations & Partnerships
  • Fee for Service