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Federal Infrastructure Tribal Consultation – Seattle

October 18, 2016

Please see the message below from the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Office of Tribal Justice, and the Army.


Recent events have highlighted the need for a broader review and consultation as to how, prospectively, Federal decisionmaking on infrastructure projects can better allow for timely and meaningful tribal input. On behalf of the Department of the Interior, Department of Justice, Department of the Army, and other Federal agencies, we invite you to consultations on how the Federal Government can better account for, and integrate tribal views, on future infrastructure decisions throughout the country. Consistent with our nation-to-nation relationship, our consultations are with tribal leaders and your designated staff. In particular, we have identified the following questions we seek your input on:

  1. How can Federal agencies better ensure meaningful tribal input into infrastructure-related reviews and decisions, to protect tribal lands, resources, and treaty rights within the existing statutory framework?
  2. Should the Federal agencies propose new legislation altering the statutory framework to promote these goals?

We will provide a framing paper with additional detail on these questions, including a description of the statutory framework currently in place. While these questions are of particular interest to the Federal agencies, we welcome any input relevant to the broader topic.

The framing paper, details on the consultation locations, and any additional information will be available at this website: http://www.biagov/WhoWeAre/AS-WORMffriballnput/index.htm.


If you would like to provide written input, please send it by email to consultation@bia.gov or by mail to:

Office of the Assistant Secretary- Indian Affairs, attn.: Office of Regulatory Affairs & Collaborative Action

1849 C Street, NW, MS 3071, Washington, DC 20240.


We will consider all written input we receive by Friday, November 30, 2016.

Seattle Tribal Consultation: Tuesday, 10/25/2016, 8:30am-12:30pm (local time)

Daybreak Star Indian Cultural Center

5011 Bernie Whitebear Way

Seattle, WA 98199

Meeting Room: Lower Level

Please click here to read the Framing Paper for the above consultations and see the updated list of consultation meetings.

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