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Injury Prevention Strategic Intervention Planning

September 7, 2016

IPP Strategic Intervention Planning Save the date


Location: Billings – Indian Health Service Conference Room (2A) 2nd Floor;

Address: 2900 4th Ave N, Billings, MT 59101


Dear Sanitarians, Environmental Health Specialists, and Injury Prevention Coordinators,


Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center (RMTEC) at Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (RMTLC), is one of twelve Tribal Epidemiology Centers (TECs) and a federally recognized public health authority that servers American Indian/Alaska Natives (AI/AN) populations within the States of Montana and Wyoming.  As a public health entity for the Tribes, we are eager to build sustainable capacity to develop Public Health Services and resources so that Tribes can respond to their Public Health Concerns.  We are requesting Tribal and IHS Service Units attend an in-person, hands-on, Strategic Intervention Planning workshop to be conduced the week of October 25-27.  This letter is to confirm that you will be joining us at the Rocky Mountain Tribal Epidemiology Center and the Billings – Indian Health Service (IHS).


Hosted through the Tribal Epidemiology Center and the Billings-Indian Health Service, we are inviting and requesting that all Tribal Nation’s Service Centers in States of Montana and Wyoming, to please attend. The workshop will allow Tribal and IHS Service Units to design, develop, and initiate a strategic intervention for Injury Prevention, in collaboration with RMTEC and IHS.


A review of general strategic intervention planning will be held the first day, reviewing: strategy leadership, strategic thinking, strategic planning, and strategy implementation. Additionally, on the second day, RMTEC and IHS will be presenting Morbidity and Mortality Data pertaining to injuries; giving a data specific report to each Tribe outlining the Tribal communities’ specific injuries. The data report will be used by each Tribe to develop specific strategies and interventions pertaining to injuries for a one-year and five-year strategic plan.


We would request your presence and look forward to seeing you there.

Jordan Vandjelovic (406) 252-2550 or jordan.vandjelovic@rmtlc.flywheelsites.com

Last modified: September 7, 2016