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Training and Technical Assistance

Tribal Public Health Training Needs Assessment

  • Please be on the lookout for a short survey we developed to learn more about current skills and areas of need for professional development for Tribal Health staff. The survey will gauge the skill level within public health domains and identify the areas of greatest need, so RMTEC can prioritize training offerings and guide future activities and collaborative efforts.

Data & Technical Assistance Requests

  • RMTEC assists Tribes with the abstraction of summary statistics for the purposes of monitoring health status, as well as grant and report writing.
  • RMTEC provides the following TA services:
    • Coordination of data-related activities;
    • Develop and disseminate statistical summaries of tribal health status priorities;
    • Offer training to tribal health programs on use of tools for working with the data;
    • Provide statistical consultation to tribal health programs;
    • Assist with project evaluation;
    • Review public health products, protocols, and documents; and
    • Connect tribal health programs with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • Data and TA Request Forms can be found on our website at rmtec.org.

Download Technical Assistance Request Form