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TEC Special Reports

“Native science brings forth creative communion with the world through our senses, so too does the application of the metaphoric mind bring forth the description and creative ‘storying’ of the world by humans. Science in every form, then, is a story of the world.”

~ Gregory Cajete, Tewa

Cancer Factsheet

  • RMTEC used Tumor registry data from Montana State Department of Health and Human Services to develop a Cancer Fact Sheet. It was disseminated in the first week of January 2019 to each Tribal Health Department in MT.
  • Contact: Helen Tesfai, Senior Epidemiologist

Behavioral Health Data Brief

  • The goal of the Behavioral Health Surveillance report is to provide baseline behavioral health (substance abuse, mental health) data. This report will use data from the Indian Health Service (IHS) Epidemiology Data Mart (EDM), State of Montana Vital Statistics, Behavior Risk Fact Surveillance System (BRFSS), Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System (YRBSS), National Survey of Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), and Fatality Analysis Reporting System (FARS).
  • Contact: Christopher Piccione, Epidemiologist

Maternal & Child Health Report

  • RMTEC used Census (American Community Survey) to calculate population numbers and economic status for MT and WY. In addition, Vital Stats data from MT State Department of Health was used to calculate Maternal and Child Health data. This report was disseminated in the first week of January 2019 to all Tribal Health Departments in Montana and Wyoming.
  • Contact: Helen Tesfai, Senior Epidemiologist

Workforce Expansion

  • The Public Health Workforce Expansion in Indian Country called being called PHW.IC, is run by team members, Barbara Pierson, Jadi jo Longmire, and Lauren Big Hair.
  • We are working with the 7 MT tribal colleges to select a student(s) to become a Public Health Associate which is a paid position.
  • Developing 10 public health learning sessions to be held on the reservations this summer.
  • The team is collaborating with the University of Montana and Montana State University to create a pathway for students to continue their education after tribal college.
  • Working on our continuation application of our grant.
  • Contact: Jadi jo Longmire 601-1255.

Opioid Data Project

  • RMTLC has hired Lani Paulson as the Health Data Analyst for the Project Opioid Supplement grant.
  • Currently, Lani is working with Tribes to determine common opioid indicators for our region which will culminate in an Opioid Data Report in the Fall of 2019.
  • She will be developing methodology for fetal and non-fetal opioid data collection as well as for correcting misclassification by race project.
  • Contact: Lani Paulson, Health Data Analyst

Oral Health Data Report

  • RMTEC has been meeting with I.H.S., MT DPHHS and N.I.H.B about efforts that will help shed light on the oral health needs in Indian Country. Our goal is to strategize data needs and resources that will close the gap on oral health disparities in our region.
  • Please share your oral health recommendations or reach out if interested in oral health initiatives.
  • Contact: Giselle Babiarz, Epidemiologist

Morbidity and Mortality Data

  • RMTEC will use the Indian Health Service (IHS) Epidemiology Data Mart (EDM) and vital stat data to develop a report on the leading causes of injury morbidity and mortality for all Tribes in Montana and Wyoming.
  • Contact: Helen Tesfai, Senior Epidemiologist

In Distress?

  • Having thoughts of death?
  • Feeling sad or lonely?
  • Abusing substances?
  • Isolating yourself?
  • Feeling angry?

Download and print our Helper Card.

Helper Card

Tribal Health Priorities Annual Survey

  • RMTEC sent out a survey in late March 2019 to prioritize the health issues that are most important to Tribal communities throughout Montana & Wyoming. The results of this survey will guide future RMTEC projects and help RMTEC better serve Tribal people in Montana & Wyoming. Please complete survey and ask your staff to complete it by April 30, 2019.