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COVID-19: Part 1

A 3 part video sharing the impact of COVID-19 on the Billings area.


“That’s it, that’s the last thing I remember after that. The next thing I knew, is I woke up in a room with a nurse and I couldn’t talk, and I needed to use the restroom, but I couldn’t move.” Covid-19 has been causing debilitating symptoms in much of the population across the world. The disease comes from a group of viruses known as Coronaviruses and the name comes from the crown like spikes on the surface when observed under the microscope. This virus rarely infects humans and when it does, it results in a illness causing anywhere from mild to severe symptoms. Developing safety protocols for our staff is a big priority as they are needed to keep the patients in the communities safe. We have been contact tracing, educating ourselves daily, supplying personal protective equipment before any shortages occur and reopening clinics in phases. With the CARES Act and CDC funding, we can continue our work to help keep our communities safe.