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IHS National CHAP Program Links Available

February 21, 2018

In a follow-up to Devin’s email (see below) which includes an update on  creating a national Indian Health Service (IHS) Community Health Aide Program (CHAP).

Listed below are links that may be useful in further discussion and an upcoming call for advisory group nominations.

Please note, IHS is moving forward on this issue and is seeking nominations to serve on a work group.  Also, the IHS has already identified next steps for the IHS CHAP: Host a meeting; Establish workgroups; Work on priorities; Reconvene advisory group, CHAP TAG to continue moving forward.

IHS Contact Personnel for CHAP:

On October 27, 2016, NIHB Submitted written comments re: IHS Expansion of Community Health Aide Program Draft Policy Statement Consultation.  In response to previous Tribal Consultation, findings, guiding principles and themes emerged to improve access to quality care for American Indians and Alaska Natives:

* Program needs to be Community- and Area-based.

* There needs to be some baseline standards with enough flexibility that each Area can

set-up its own program.

* Each Area would set-up its own certification board.

* Do not disrupt programs that are working now; such as those in Alaska.

* There needs to be legislative change to fully implement the use of DHATs in CHAPs.

January 4, 2017 DTLL: Initiating Tribal Consultation on draft policy statement on creating national policy on national IHS CHAP

Enclosure to DTLL: Report on Tribal Consultation on draft policy statement on creating national policy on national IHS CHAP

IHS Manual: Community Health Aide Program Tribal Advisory Group-Charter


From: Devin Delrow <DDelrow@nihb.org>

Subject: RE: IHS DSTAC CHAP Presentation February 13, 2018

Dear MMPC,

Per our discussion this afternoon, below is a link to a PPT presentation from IHS at the recent Direct Services Tribal Advisory Committee meeting related to the formation of an IHS Tribal Community Health Aide Program (CHAP).

Devin Delrow

Director of Policy

National Indian Health Board

202.507.4072 Office

202.374.0885 Cell


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