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Good Health & Wellness in Indian Country – CDC

“We look within to health and unite outwardly as we journey towards good health and wellness.”


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Learn More About GHWIC:

Good Health and Wellness in Indian Country (GHWIC) is a Centers for Disease Control (CDC) funded grant no. NU58DP006732 awarded to the Rocky Mountain Tribal Leaders Council (RMTLC). GHWIC’s goal is to support a coordinated, holistic approach to healthy living and chronic disease prevention, reinforce the work already underway in Indian Country to make healthy choices and lifeways easier for American Indians and Alaska Natives, and to build off the previous GHWIC cycle to emphasize strategies in Native communities, reduce obesity, prevent type 2 diabetes, reduce commercial tobacco use, and other risk factors for heart disease and stroke. The purpose of RMTLC GHWIC2 project is to a) increase the purchase of healthy foods and physical activity with an emphasis on walking, b) increase breastfeeding, c)    reduce prevalence of commercial tobacco use, d) reduce incidence of type 2 diabetes and e)  reduce the prevalence of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

  • Strategy 1: Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapted policy, system, and environmental changes to prevent obesity
  • Strategy 2: Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapt policy, system, and environmental changes to prevent and  control commercial  tobacco use
  • Strategy 3: Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapt community-clinical linkages to support type 2 diabetes prevention
  • Strategy 4: Implement evidence-informed and culturally-adapt community clinical linkages to support heart disease and stroke prevention


Rick Wolfname

Rick Wolfname

RMTLC GHWIC2 Component 2 Program Goals

  1. Provide funding, training, technical assistance, and evaluation support to tribal sub-awardees across all four C1 strategies;
  2. Expand the implementation of Component 1 strategies and activities through subawards;
  3. Provide technical assistance, training, and resources to sub-awardees to support the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of activities across all four C1 strategies;
  4. Assist sub-awardees in developing multi-sector partnerships with organizations to support C1 strategies and activities;
  5. Work with sub-awardees to develop and implement tailored health communication/messaging strategies to reach AI/AN populations at greatest risk for obesity, commercial tobacco use, type 2 diabetes, and/or heart disease and stroke in order to increase awareness and encourage healthier behaviors.


Long Term Goals:

Reduce Rates of death and disability from tobacco use by 5%; Reduce prevalence of obesity by 3%

Reduce rates of death and disability from diabetes, heart disease, and stroke by 3%

Key Partners:

YR-1 (2019-2020) GHWIC2 disseminated 51% overall funding

  • Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health Department
  • Windriver Cares-Northern Arapaho Tribe
  • Fort Belknap Tribal Health Department
  • Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Program
  • Southern Peigan Health Center
  • Little Shell Tribal Health Tobacco Program
  • Billings Urban Indian Health & Wellness

YR-2 (2020-2021) GHWIC2 disseminated over 52% overall funding

  • Blackfeet Southern Peigan Health Center
  • Fort Belknap Tribal Health Department
  • Little Shell Tribe – Tobacco Program
  • Eastern Shoshone Tribal Health Department
  • Wild Rose Center – Northern Cheyenne
  • FAST Blackfeet (Food Access and Sustainability Project)
  • Blackfeet Agriculture Resource Management Program
  • Billings Urban Indian Health & Wellness Center
  • Wind River Cares  – Northern Arapaho
  • Rocky Boy Health Center

Keep Native Tobacco Sacred

“Traditional Native tobacco is sacred.  It is used for prayer and spiritual ceremonies and to keep our people spiritually connected, safe and healthy.”

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The Top 5 Reasons to Breastfeed

“I choose to breastfeed my children. It helps me with Post-Partum Depression and protects my baby from SIDS, and other infant-related discomfort.”

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Quit Now!  Your life depends on it

Tobacco use kills more than 480,000 Americans a year. It also causes pre-term births, cancer, heart disease, plus it affects the people around you.

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February is Heart Health Month

Learn more about heart health from this downloadable PDF from the Good Health & Wellness in Indian Country program.

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Funding Opportunity to Support Improving Health Status of American Indians of Montana and Wyoming Tribal communities


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