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2017 HHS Tribal Consultations Announced

March 15, 2017

In A Dear Tribal Leader Letter, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced that the 2017 Annual Tribal Budget Consultation (ATBC) will take place March 29th through March 30th, at the Hubert H. Humphrey Building at 200 Independence Avenue, SW, Washington, DC. Additionally, 2017 Annual Regional Tribal Consultations will be held across the country. IHS will host one-on-one consultations for individual Tribes at the ATBC, as well as at each of the regional sessions.
HHS Annual Tribal Budget Consultation
The consultation session will provide a forum for Tribes to collectively share their views and priorities with HHS officials on national health and human services funding priorities and make recommendations for the Department’s FY 2019 budget request.  We hope the consultation will provide a venue for a two-way conversation between tribal leaders and HHS officials on program issues and concerns that will lead to recommendations for action. The schedule for this year’s consultation is as follows:
To pre-register for the ATBC and request one-on-one meetings, please click here.
2017 Annual Regional Tribal Consultations (RTC)
In addition to the ATBC, the Department will again host Regional Tribal consultation sessions to address how the Department can continue to improve outreach and coordination and to discuss programmatic issues and overall concerns with Tribes.  Regional sessions will include one-on-one time with the regional leadership. Below are the dates for the consultations. Additional details are available in the Dear Tribal Leader Letter.


Please contact Elizabeth Carr, IHS Associate Director of Tribal Affairs, at 202-690-6060 or consultation@hhs.gov with any questions.

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